Armaan Episode 03

Cansu, the daughter of one of the most well-known families of High Society, begins to follow the signs she encounters to build a new life for herself. Kerem, on the other hand, is the only son of a veteran couple who grew up serving a wealthy family. Kerem agrees to replace his childhood friend Mert for a month to make his dreams come true. Cansu and Kerem’s paths cross at this very moment. In a world where the two hide their true identities, perhaps love beats all differences, classes, and destiny.

Kerem (Engin Ozturk) is a youthful and persevering man who comes from a helpless family. His fatherworks as a grounds-keeper and his mom functions as a cook for a rich family. Kerem has grown up along with the grandson of that rich family, Mert (Mehmet Ozan Dolunay). He has become his dearest companion and consistently helped him at whatever point he needs something. Notwithstanding, he generally realizes that he is never equivalent to Mert because of his family foundation. He understands that he is here and there considered just to be an assistant as opposed to a companion. Hence, he needs to abandon everything and start a business without help from anyone else outside Istanbul. He needs to turn into his very own supervisor business and doesn’t have any desire to take orders anymore.One day, Mert’s grandma needs Mert to oversee Olivia supermarket (natural food market) before he begins to turn into the President of the privately-owned company. To cause his grandma to be glad for himself, Mert thinks of an offer: Kerem would oversee Olivia for one month and make it a productive store; consequently, Mert would give Kerem enough cash with the goal that he could go into business. These two young fellows settle on an understanding and assume each other’s position: Kerem presents himself as Mert and turns into the chief of Olivia while Mert presents himself as Kerem and fills in as an associate chief at Olivia.On the other hand, Cansu (Hazar Erguclu) is the most youthful girl of a well off family from high society. Regardless of her abundance, she is unsettled in any way. She has not been cherished genuinely by her family: her mom consistently says that she carries misfortune to her. At some point, she unintentionally meets a spiritualist who says that Cansu would track down a genuine affection in the event that she peruses the signs. Out of unadulterated fortuitous event, Cansu ends up at Olivia and begins to work there as a sales rep. She conceals her actual way of life as a beneficiary and goes about as a standard young lady who comes from a helpless family. She simply needs to discover a man who will cherish her despite the fact that she isn’t affluent. Before long later, she discovers both her dearest companion Ece (Meric Aral) and her genuine affection.

Olivia turns into a convoluted spot: Kerem believes that Cansu is a helpless young lady and begins to have affections for her. Cansu imagines that Kerem is a nice man despite the fact that he comes from a high society and begins to have affections for him. Ece additionally begins to look all starry eyed at Kerem from the start sight and considers Mert similarly as an associate chief. In conclusion, Mert begins to create unadulterated love for Ece despite the fact that he knows her sentiments towards Kerem.

In this story, you will investigate a romantic tale between a lady who attempts to discover a man who can cherish her despite the fact that she isn’t affluent and a destitute man who believes that adoration is essentially an apparatus that the decision class uses to control individuals under them. What will happen when everyone understands the genuine characters of one another? Will Kerem satisfy his point and go into business? Will Cansu keep on cherishing Kerem despite the fact that she discovers that he is from a helpless family? Will Mert discover a young lady who can adore him regardless of whether he isn’t well off? Will Ece pardon the lies of her closest companions?

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