Audit: Yunus Emre, from East with love

KARACHI: “The East was an endeavor to transcend the body,” composed Saleem Ahmed in his amazing sonnet Mashriq Har Gaya. As indicated by Ahmed, the East was an image of the soul rather than the West which addresses the body and its longings.

The facts confirm that religion ruled over Europe for more than 1,000 years between 500 Promotion and 1,500 Advertisement – a period that the West currently by and large glances at with disdain – and Europe at that point was additionally a place where there is spiritualists, loners and loners.

In any case, the fire of otherworldliness that consumed in the sanctuaries and withdrawals of the West during the bygone era was lit by the Judeo-Christian custom. The focal point of this otherworldliness was in the East, the place that is known for prophets and symbols and the origin of the world’s most noteworthy religions.

So it was the East where the ruler of Kapilavastu left his castle looking for nirvana; where Ibhrahim of Balkh deserted his seat and turned into a drifter and where Yunus, the appointed authority of Nalihan, hung up his prods to cut kindling for a religious community.

Yet, the influence to deliberately revoke riches and authority was not the apex of the East’s profound ability. The East realized that this renunciation was only the start of a strenuous battle with oneself and that the genuine accomplishment was to revoke one’s own cravings and personality.

Seen through this crystal, Mehmet Bozdag’s 2015 show sequential Yunus Emre: Aşkın Yolculuğu isn’t only a recorded and historical sketch of one of the best Turkish spiritualist writers. This dramatization portrays the otherworldly ability of the East – its capacity to deny both common belongings and common longings.

Yunus Emre is likewise the account of the interior battle that goes before both of these renunciations. However, most importantly, Yunus Emre is the narrative of adoration that is an essential to get this battle and to win it.

Love is the gathering point

Yunus begins to look all starry eyed at Bacim Ruler. Zahide goes gaga for Yunus. Yet, Yunus’ affection for Bacim is eclipsed by his adoration and commitment for his profound guide and coach Sheik Tapduk Emre, who is unexpectedly father of both Bacim and Zahide.

Sheik Tapduk drives Yunus to God, where all adoration meets. All adoration has a solitary source. Each magnificence is an impression of the excellence of God.

What’s more, love saturates the whole show. It is in the quality of Nalihan, the unassuming community where Yunus Emre lives. It strolls in its market and meanders in its back streets; it is its brilliant light that fills its homes toward the beginning of the day.

It is in the zikr of dervishes, in the daily lessons of Sheik Tapduk Emre and in the heavenly sonnets that at last pour forward from the mouth of Yunus on the climax of his profound excursion.

Aesthetic harmony

The foundation scores of the show are frequenting and they additionally appear to address changed conditions of adoration – from rapture of unadulterated love to the aches of melancholy brought about by detachment.

Yunus Emre is exceptional as in it portrays an encounter that is thoroughly missing from the media yield produced by diversion goliaths like Hollywood and Bollywood.

Things that may come nearer to it are a few creations by the Pakistan TV (PTV) especially Manchalay Ka Sauda, a dramatization sequential composed by Ashaq Ahmed and circulated in 1996.

Yunus Emre, in any case, presents an undeniably more true and devoted depiction of conventional Sufi practices, various phases of rah-e-sulook – the profound way – and the hardships that a Sufi needs to look at each stage.

Turkish entertainers Yusuf Gökhan Atalay and Payidar Tüfekçioglu – who individually played Yunus Emre and Tapduk Emre in the sequential – have deified the 13 century spiritualist artist and his otherworldly guide in the famous creative mind.

Yunus Emre is an absolute necessity watch for every one of the individuals who need to investigate Islamic otherworldliness. It has the ability to have an enduring effect. It has even the ability to change lives.

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