Grammy Grants celebrating shut music clubs

Delegates from three music clubs across the U.S. were picked to introduce prizes during the honor show. Every one of the settings holds a one of a kind spot in music.

LOS ANGELES — The Grammys are highlighting a portion of the country’s most popular music clubs that had to close in view of the Covid pandemic.

Delegates from the Station Motel in Nashville, the Singer and Lodging Bistro in Los Angeles, and the Apollo Theater in New York were picked to introduce prizes during Sunday night’s show. Every one of the scenes holds an exceptional spot in music.

JT Dim from the Station Motel, known for its twang custom, will report the best blue grass collection. Rachelle Erratchu of the Singer, where Elton John made his U.S. debut in 1970, will pass out the best pop independent execution prize.

Billy Mitchell of the Apollo, renowned for its novice evenings, will grant the best rap melody. Candice Fox of the Lodging Bistro, known for including acoustic-based musicians, will report collection of the year.

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