Itna Karo Na Mujhe pyaar Episode 202

Itna Karo Na Mujhe pyaar Episode 203

The show covers a divorced couple’s relationship challenges and also the way they stay connected because of their children.

Ragini Patel is separated and lives together with her two children Nishi and Aarav and her mother Asha and grandmother Bakula Nani.

Dr. Neil “Nachiket” Khanna, Ragini’s ex-husband, lives in ny City along with his three children Ranbir, Agham, Suhani and his sister Pam.

Aarav, Nishi and her fiancé Jignesh discover that Neil lives in manhattan City and Nishi decides to ask her father to her wedding.

Later it seems that Dr. Neil Nachiket Khanna is.. Nivedita’s sister Rupali was Neil’s ex-girlfriend and left her and Ronnie’s daughter Suhani under her care when she died during childbirth. Ragini didn’t understand Suhani because the daughter of Rupali and Neil and was thus separated from him.

Pam wants Nivedita to marry Neil. After Nishi’s marriage, misunderstandings between Neil and Ragini are resolved. Nivedita and Neil become engaged, but their engagement is known as off.

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe pyaar Episode 203

Ragini is engaged to her boss Dr. Aman and Neil is back within the long island along with his three children. They meet again many|to avoid wasting} lots of Nishi’s marriage, which is considering divorcing Jignesh. Together Neil and Ragini convince her to not try this. Ragini and Neil marry under a contract marriage. By cohabitation, they slowly understand that their children want to possess both of their parents together which they start to see that they have to live together. Ultimately, Nishi and Jignesh solve their problems, Dr. Aman marries Nivedita and Neil and Ragini decide to swallow their children.

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