Maraşlı Bad News

Burak Deniz and Didem Soydan Criticized for Walking In Public While Infected With Coronavirus

Turkish actor Burak Deniz and girlfriend Turkish model Didem Soydan have tested postivie for Coronavirus.

The couple has been trapped openly meandering around with their canine, which created an uproar and exposed them to a ton of analysis from the crowd, detailed Foochia.

Adherents depicted Deniz and Soydan’s conduct as unethical, particularly as they open numerous residents to the danger of Covid contamination, however they couldn’t have cared less.

On a similar hand, shooting Maraşlı arrangement was suspended because of Burak Deniz’s contamination, as he assumes the main part in the show close to Alina Boz.

Burak Sağyaşar, maker of Maraşlı, said something about the wellbeing status of Deniz.

‘We quit shooting in light of the fact that our important entertainer Burak Deniz was contaminated with Coronavirus. Our entertainer, who is healthy, proceeds with the isolate interaction at his home. This week, we are requiring a one-week break for the strength of our cast and group.’

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The close scene quickly incited Maraşlı fans to ask what might be the response of Burak Deniz’s sweetheart, Turkish model Didem Soydan when she sees this scene, particularly since there were at that point gossipy tidbits about her being envious of Burak Deniz’s kindred entertainer, Alina Boz.

Turkish news site has revealed another situation of the idea of connection between Burak Deniz and Alina Boz, and it is intriguing.

As per, Burak Deniz and Alina Boz have left their darlings to head out for their new love!

Both Burak and Alina are seeing someone, Deniz has been dating Didem Soydan since the previous summer, and Alina Boz is with Turkish vocalist Mithat Can Özer.

Nonetheless, the crowd accepts that the entertainers are furtively enamored with one another and they’re concealing it from the general population.

The Turkish site added that Deniz and Boz isolated from their darlings to be together.

Concerning Didem Soydan, Burak Deniz’s better half, who assumes the part of Maraşlı, the fundamental character of Maraşlı, issues of envy have been accounted for more than once about them.

It was said that that the closeness between Burak Deniz, 30, and Alina Boz, 22, has transformed into adoration. The talk spread that the closeness between the two in the arrangement was additionally conveyed outside the set.

Issues have begun between Burak Deniz and Didem Soydan since he started shooting Maraşlı arrangement, as per

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