Netizens say Fahad Mustafa is Deepika’s Copy

Netizens say Fahad Mustafa is Deepika’s Copy

Netizens have tracked down a silly clone for Deepika Padukone. Many have asserted that she looks like Pakistani entertainer Fahad Mustafa without a facial hair growth.

It could be an unusual examination however it is one many are concurring with.

The discussion became exposed when a Twitter client made the correlation.

In his tweet, he composed:

“Fahad Mustafa is Deepika Padukone with a facial hair growth and you can’t unsee this at this point.”

The post circulated around the web and soon, other web-based media clients started to concur with the similarity between the two entertainers.

Another stated: “I had no clue about who Fahad Mustafa was/is.

“In any case, your tweet made me Google him and jezzzzz… he IS the male form of Deepika Padukone. That grin is uncanny.”

A third remarked: “Envision Deepika Padukone with a facial hair growth, same looks as Fahad Mustafa.”

Others chose to utilize a sexual orientation trade channel to affirm the carbon copy for themselves and they found a striking similarity.Another expressed: “It is too soon for individuals to be mind f me rn.”

Notwithstanding the similarity to Deepika Padukone, a few group contended that Fahad Mustafa looked more like entertainer Shreyas Talpade.

One said: “He’s no place near Padukone. He looks more like Shreyas Talpade. Kindly Google.”“One tweet I wish I had never seen. Watching her films will never be the same now.”

Another stated: “He is a combination of Shreyas and Deepika and I can’t unsee it now.”

Fahad Mustafa is known for featuring in the Pakistani movies Na Maloom Afraad, Mah e Mir and Entertainer in Law.

He is likewise known for facilitating the game show, Jeeto Pakistan.

Fahad isn’t the solitary Bollywood carbon copy to come into the spotlight.

Another copy that has surprised the web is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s doppelgänger, a Pakistani blogger named Aamna Imran.

Aamna effectively posts on Instagram however they stood out when netizens said she looks precisely like Aishwarya, particularly when it went to her eyes.

Next to each other photographs of the two ladies were shared via online media and fans rushed to react.

One individual said: “For a sec I thought it was Aishwarya Rai.”

Another said: “Duplicate of Aishwarya Rai any way looks wonderful.”

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