Tum Hi HO Episode 02 Hindi Dubbed

Relatives of the Sun (Korean: 태양의 후예; Hanja: 太陽의 後裔; RR: Taeyang-ui Huye) is a 2016 South Korean TV arrangement featuring Tune Joong-ki, Melody Hye-kyo, Jin Goo, and Kim Ji-won. It broadcasted on KBS2 from February 24 to April 14, 2016 for 16 scenes. KBS at that point broadcasted three extra exceptional scenes from April 20 to April 22, 2016 containing features and the best scenes from the arrangement, the dramatization’s creation cycle, in the background film, analyses from cast individuals and the last epilog.

The arrangement was a significant hit in South Korea where it drew a pinnacle crowd portion of 38.8%. It got a few honors, for example, winning the Terrific Prize in TV at the 52nd Baeksang Expressions Grants; and was named the Most Famous Demonstration of the year by Korea Broadcasting Publicizing Company.

The show was communicated across Asia where it was gigantically famous, and has been attributed with an ascent in the travel industry to Korea. Neighborhood variations has broadcasted in the Philippines and Vietnam, and a transformation is arranged in China. The entertainers in the show additionally got worldwide acknowledgment.

Yoo Si-jin (Melody Joong-ki) is the skipper of a South Korean Extraordinary Powers unit. He and his companion Expert Sergeant Search engine optimization Dae-youthful (Jin Goo) are off the clock when they witness a youngster taking a cruiser and capture him. The cheat, Kim Gi-bum (Kim Min-seok), is harmed during the pursuit and in this way shipped off the clinic. Dae-youthful understands his wireless was taken by the hoodlum and goes to the emergency clinic alongside Si-jin to recover it.

In the trauma center, Si-jin meets Dr. Kang Mo-yeon (Melody Hye-kyo) interestingly and is in a flash pulled in to her. Mo-yeon erroneously expects Si-jin is essential for the cheat’s group of hoodlums in the wake of hearing him being tended to as “Large Chief”, which is really his call sign. He demonstrates his personality with the assistance of armed force specialist Yoon Myung-ju (Kim Ji-won).

Si-jin and Mo-yeon start to date, however because of Si-jin being brought in for obligation, their dates are frequently interfered with midway. Si-jin gets his orders to be conveyed on a peacekeeping mission in the anecdotal conflict torn nation of Uruk. In the interim, Mo-yeon is disturbed in light of the fact that she discovered that she had been ignored for residency for a less-able partner who had familial associations with the clinic the executives. At the point when Si-jin returns and meets Mo-yeon once more, she straightforwardly requests that he clarify his unexpected vanishings and his work yet he can’t really expound because of the profoundly characterized nature of his tasks. They talk about their perspectives on life and acknowledge how unique they are. Si-jin, as a fighter, murders to ensure lives while Mo-yeon, as a specialist, respects the Hippocratic Vow and attempts to save lives. Because of their philosophical contrasts, they consent to head out in different directions. Dae-youthful, then again, faces a difficulty on whether to proceed with his relationship with Myung-ju or hazard being constrained out of the military for disrupting fraternization guidelines by Myung-ju’s dad, who is a three-star general and authority of the Exceptional Powers.

After eight months, Mo-yeon repels the heartfelt advances of the clinic chief and, subsequently, is appointed without wanting to lead a group of clinical volunteers to Uruk. There, Si-jin and Mo-yeon rejoin and both addition a more profound knowledge into each other’s positions as their individual groups persevere through a seismic tremor and a viral scourge, while additionally managing a warlord who once battled by Si-jin’s side however now exploits the bad administration of Uruk to bring in cash off illegal exploitation. While in Uruk, Mo-yeon unintentionally admits her sentiments (a lot to the entertainment of their individual groups) and the two formally begin dating. She continuously deals with the chance of him being slaughtered in real life and the way that she may never have total honesty of his whereabouts. Meanwhile, the typically aloof Dae-youthful at long last stirs up the nerve to show more fondness toward Myung-ju after she almost passes on in isolate subsequent to being contaminated with the infection.

Si-jin and Mo-yeon proceed with their relationship in the wake of getting back to Korea, until Si-jin and Dae-youthful are sent on a grouped activity in which they vanish and are thought to be dead. Months pass and Mo-yeon grieves Si-jin’s demise, in this manner choosing to honor his passing by chipping in with a clinical group shipped off Albania while Myung-ju was sent on a clinical mission in Uruk. This is the place where Si-jin ultimately tracks down her upon the arrival of their one-year demise commemoration while Dae-youthful went to Uruk to discover Myung-ju subsequent to detailing that they were alive to the Military Central command. After their gathering, Si-jin told Mo-yeon that he and Dae-youthful were safeguarded from bondage by “a companion from far off”, a fighter from North Korea whom Si-jin had helped previously. Si-jin and Mo-yeon, alongside Myung-ju and Dae-youthful, are on the whole cheerfully rejoined with one another.

• Song Joong-ki as Commander Yoo Si-jin (a.k.a. Large Chief)

The Chief and head of Alpha Group, an anecdotal first class uncommon powers group of the 707th Exceptional Mission Contingent in South Korea. He continued in the strides of his dad, a resigned Sergeant Major, into the military and moved on from the Korea Military Foundation at the highest point of his group. He is likewise a global cadet move on from West Point. Si-jin really focuses minimal on the governmental issues of war and has faith in ensuring and shielding the individuals who need assistance, his country and his men’s honor, regardless of whether it implies scrutinizing his bosses’ requests. His cheerful way to deal with life and clever funny bone make him well known with his group and subordinates yet Mo-yeon rapidly understands that it is his method of diverting her inquiries regarding his work and adapting to the agony of losing friends. Toward the finish of the arrangement, he is elevated to Major. He falls head over heels in love for Mo-yeon from the start sight however gets dismissed by her multiple times.

• Song Hye-kyo as Specialist Kang Mo-yeon (a.k.a. Magnificence and Pretty one)

A cardiothoracic specialist who works at Haesung Medical clinic. She is a lovely, solid, and self-assured lady who accepts that capability ought to exceed associations yet should defy the cruel reality that she can’t go anyplace without associations. She stands solidly by her standards and doesn’t fall prey effectively to her feelings, however she isn’t hesitant to confess her missteps. Her first gathering with Si-jin starts gracelessly when she confuses him with a criminal chief and gets pulled in to him. Albeit the inclination is common, she dismisses him multiple times as she winds up attempting to acknowledge his occupation as a fighter in the unique powers and what it involves.

• Jin Goo as Expert Sergeant Search engine optimization Dae-youthful (a.k.a. Wolf)

As the most senior non-charged official in Alpha Group and Si-jin’s correct hand man and closest companion, Dae-youthful is a vocation fighter who adheres to his standards and is incredibly faithful to his boss, Si-jin and friends. He is famous among enlisted people and Foundation cadets as a straightforward and severe educator (he was additionally Si-jin’s previous drill teacher at the Institute). His level head and huge experience frequently prove to be useful in the midst of emergency during arrangements. He is the straight man to the giddy Si-jin and has a sharp vacant funny bone. For a significant part of the arrangement, he battles with communicating his actual affections for Myung-ju because of the protest of her dad who needed Si-jin as his child in-law.

• Kim Ji-won as First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-ju

A military specialist who is additionally the girl of Lieutenant General Yoon, commandant of the South Korean Uncommon Powers Detachment. She followed her dad’s strides and graduates from the Korea Military Foundation, where she was a lesser of Si-jin, prior to doing an entry level position at Haesung Clinic. During her first task, where she was the clinical official on the job during a preparation work out, she initially meets Dae-youthful and is immediately pulled in to him. Their relationship is notable among different specialists at Haesung Clinic and individual troopers yet is viewed as an untouchable as she is an official and he is a non-authorized official. Be that as it may, it doesn’t dissuade her from seeking after Dae-youthful, a lot to the Lt. Gen’s dismay.

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