Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu 26. Bölüm Dubbed

Arousing: Extraordinary Seljuk Part 26 Outline:

What sort of discipline will Melikşah provide for Tekiş, who makes certain of Tekiş’s selling out because of Sencer’s game plan? Will Tekiş, who has battled to hold onto the seat, prevail with regards to disposing of Melikşah?

Then again, Sabbah discovered that the one who went to Kınık Obası and met Tapar furtively was Başulu. Hence, he prevailing with regards to getting mindful of the mysterious that could drag the Seljuk State into an extraordinary mayhem. How might Sabbah utilize this mystery?

Will Livya, who will perceive Efruz in Kınık Obası, sell out Efruz and Sabbah? Will Efruz figure out how to escape from Kınık Obası with Sabbah?

Other than all these; While she was eating, she discovered that the child in her belly was a man, and promptly proclaimed Melikşah with this uplifting news. Can he change the adjusts in the castle by utilizing the infant kid he will bring forth while flying?

Hindi/Urdu or English

Then again, the Fatimid Vizier Bedrülcemali, who knew about the Seljuk’s schedule contemplates, asked Hasan Sabbah for this schedule to obscure the sparkling star of the Seljuks in the Islamic world. Upon this current, Sabbah’s mysterious partner Fida made a move, dismissing Ömer Khayyam’s fearlessness; He genuinely harmed Omar Khayyam and figured out how to miss the schedule.

How might Nizamülmülk, who will work by and by to uncover the taken schedule issue, translate Fida’s treachery? Can Nizamülmülk arrive at Becrülcemali and Sabbah over this schedule?

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