Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu (The Great Seljuks) 22. Bölüm Review

Arousing: The Incomparable Seljuk Section 22 Outline:

The mysterious crown issue that began with the appearance of Tekiş to the castle; The royal residence has pulled in the consideration of Tapar, who has been igniting with yearning for a mother for quite a long time. Tapar at that point charged a fighter to open the grave of Başulu. Tapar’s warrior was forestalled before he could open Başulu’s grave. This occasion was disclosed to Melikşah by Nizamülmülk, Melikşah and Tapar examined this issue and Melikşah left the military market by slapping Tapar.

While this is occurring, Terken, who will hear Tapar’s endeavor to open the grave of Başulu and his contention with Melikşah; Will he act to gain proficiency with this hazardous mystery that can grow even among father and child?

Having gotten the news that Melikşah had left the military market, Markus coordinated a strike there. Will Tapar, who was truly harmed because of Markus’ assault, kick the bucket? Melikşah, whose last gathering with his child was extremely unforgiving and slapped him, will be loaded up with lament. Could Melikşah, whose heart is brimming with retaliation, deliver his retribution on Markus?

Then again, Tekiş, who caused numerous excruciating occasions because of the seeds of disobedience spread in the castle, will be eliminated from the royal residence by Melikşah. Tekiş, who established Otağı close to Isfahan, expects to dismiss Melikşah. What messy streets will he attempt to accomplish his definitive objective? Will Izakyos, who needs to set Melikşah and Tekiş against one another and debilitate the Seljuks, will actually want to accomplish this objective?

Notwithstanding this, Faisal figured out how to befuddle the traders who were leasers from Ilteber at Shelemzar and attempted to corner the Crane, dried with a new fatherly agony in his heart, yet fizzled. Faisal, who didn’t surrender, incited Erbatur to revolt by showing the heaviness of Sencer in Şelemzar. Sencer guaranteed request in Şelemzar by rebuffing Erbatur. What will be Faysal’s and Sabbah’s new arrangement?

Seljuq, additionally spelled Seljuk, administering military group of the Oğuz (Ghuzz) Turkic clans that attacked southwestern Asia in the eleventh century and ultimately established a domain that included Mesopotamia, Syria, Palestine, and a large portion of Iran. Their development denoted the start of Turkish force in the Middle East.A brief treatment of the Seljuqs follows. For full treatment, see Anatolia: The Seljuqs of Anatolia.

During the tenth century movements of the Turkish people groups from Central Asia and southeast Russia, one gathering of migrant clans, driven by a boss named Seljuq, got comfortable the lower ranges of the Syr Darya (Jaxartes) River and later changed over to the Sunni type of Islam. They had an impact in the outskirts protection powers of the Sāmānids and later of Mahmud of Ghazna. Seljuq’s two grandsons, Chaghri (Chagri) Beg and Toghrïl (Ṭugril) Beg, enrolled Persian help to win domains of their own, Chaghri controlling most of Khorāsān and Toghrïl, at his passing in 1063, heading a realm that included western Iran and Mesopotamia.

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