Yunus Emre (Turkish Poet)

Yunus Emre, (brought into the world c. 1238, Turkey—passed on c. 1320, Turkey), artist and spiritualist who practiced an amazing effect on Turkish writing.

In spite of the fact that legend darkens current realities of his life, he is known to have been a Sufi (Islamic spiritualist) who sat for a very long time at the feet of his lord, Tapduk Emre. Yunus Emre was knowledgeable in otherworldly way of thinking, particularly that of the thirteenth century writer and spiritualist Jalāl advertisement Dīn ar-Rūmī. Like Rūmī, Yunus Emre turned into a main agent of magic in Anatolia however on a more famous level; he was revered as a holy person after his passing.

His sonnets, which are committed basically to the topics of heavenly love and human fate, are described by profound inclination. He wrote in a clear, practically severe style and principally in the customary syllabic meter of Anatolian people verse. His stanza affected later Turkish spiritualists and propelled the writers of the renaissance of Turkish public verse after 1910.

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